No spend challenge-week 4

Last week of the challenge and I realized,  it’s a mindset, not a goal.  Just an experiment to see if I/we had self control enough to say no to the “extras”.  Here’s the detailed list.

2/22 Sunday, Kohl’s  (pants for Cam)$24.14 on a gift card I already had, so actually $0 out-of-pocket

2/23 Monday, $20 to water for Life for sister’s birthday, Walmart $9.22

2/24Tuesday, Braum’s $7.84, Walmart $9.18

2/25Wednesday, Quiznos $3.00 drinks (free sandwich coupon)

2/26 Thursday $30 guitar lessons, $10 Walmart

2/27Friday $20 Aldi, $20 haircut, $12.80 CVS ($10 on my med reimbursment card, so only $2.80 out-of-pocket)

Total for month of February $729.55, including $445.48 groceries for a family of 4, plus 1 dog and 1 guinea pig.  Wow.  That’s quite an eye-opener for me.

I’ll be putting together my final thoughts on this month in another post next week, as well as a comparison of the last few months spending to see how we did.

Coincidentally, financial guru, Dave Ramsey, was at church this Saturday morning, the last day of February and my No Spend Challenge Month.  He was taping a series of 3 messages that will be shown later in the month of March on the weekend at church.   Awesome timing for me and hopefully for Kevin too.

One response to this post.

  1. I saw your twitter about Dave Ramsey. I would love to have heard him. Mark told me about it AFTER it was done. Hmmm.

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