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Goin’ to Beauty School

I tried to hold out during my No Spend Challenge in February, but I just HAD to get a haircut!  I trimmed it myself a couple of times, but I was in need of professional help!  Well, sort of professional…I LOVE getting my hairs cut at a hair school in OKC.   Well, sort of love.  I love that the instructor wears a holster around his waist for his scissors.  A holster.  He’s cool.  He also put both of his hands on my wet head and said I have a perfect head shape.  I do.  You can touch it if you want to.  No, you can’t.

I’ve created a list of pros and cons for getting your hair done at a school in case you were considering it.


  • There is always accountability.  The student is accountable to the teacher and the teacher has the student looking on intently AND they’re all doing it out loud so that I can hear everything!
  • And I listen to every technical thing they say and then ask questions after the instructor leaves. “What’s the dif with all those different kinds of layers?”   “Why do you hold the hair when you cut it?”  “Why?” What?”
  • It qualifies me to cut my families hair, b/c I, in a sense, am going to hair school, right?  I mean, I’m there.  I listen to the instructor.  I pay.  They just make me go home and practice.  So, I’m qualified, ok?
  • and the number one reason I love it: It’s really cheap!  AND I save money by cutting everyone else’s hairs.  Double bonus!

Cons: (in the interest of fairness, I had to make this list too)

  • It takes twice or three times as long, b/c of all the checking and rechecking from the instructor.  That’s it really.
  • Oh, and when my fav students graduates, I have to find another student I like.  But, they’re a dime a dozen.
  • Sometimes the water is too hot or too cold and the chair is not in a comfy position when he/she is washing your hair.  This is a skill that obviously requires practice.

The pros outweigh the cons for me.  I’ll probably be opening up my own shop pretty soon.  I’ll let ya know.  Oh, and did I mention that my head shape is perfect?