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More about Grace

Despite my last post about being overwhelmed by grace, I don’t think I really get it yet.  I’ve been thinking about how many times I DON”T give grace.  If I truly understood AND lived in the reality of God’s grace, then I would offer it much more freely and much more frequently.

I know this is going to shock, but there are some people in my life that are NOT perfect.  I KNOW!  Crazy, huh?   Kidding aside, nobody is perfect (including me, I remind myself), and the closer you are to someone and the more time you spend with them, the more likely you are to see their flaws.   Sometimes it’s easy to give grace.  Sometimes it’s not.  The concept of grace has been perfected with Christ’s death.  We can’t offer what we don’t have.  We have recieved grace and, therefore, the ability to give it comes from God–and not of ourselves.

I’m thankful for grace.