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It’s AntiProcrastination Day!

  • Thanks to the Flylady—you can do anything for 15 minutes!– and Aranda—rockin’ tunes–, I pushed through and got several things done that have been calling my name for a while.  I think I’ve said it before, but it’s worth noting again…running a household takes a LOT of work!  Here’s a sample of what I accomplished
    • paid ALL the bills
    • paid and updated info on Pikepass
    • called ins. agent about roof inspection (we’ve had several of hail spells lately)
    • checked on rebate not yet received from Oct 08-will need to refax receipt
    • filed most papers in rudimentary filing box/”system”
    • hung up ALL clothes off of the floor/chair/chest/bed in my room
    • vacuumed my closet floor
    • called Cox Cable to make changes to service features and lower bill
    • mailed birthday cards for Feb and Mar birthdays
    • cleaned out my refrigerator (ew!)
    • scrubbed grout on bathroom counters (shiny!)
    • got oven fixed (ok, I did this last week, but wanted to mention it on my list of accomplishments anyway)
    • cleaned one of two dusty intake vents on the ceiling
    • paid a $4 outstanding dentist bill with a phone call
    • made donation to (been talking about this since February)

Whew!  I’m sure I forgot to mention a few things—once I got going, there was no stopping me!    and THEN, Kevin and I did our Dave Ramsey, FPU homework–we created our zero based budget!  Whoa, that’s going to take some practice each month!

    Now I have to work on a little planning ahead—full on meal planning people!—to avoid last minute grocery store runs!

A day of accomplishments

It’s Friday again already!  The week always flies by so quickly.

Moaning about my procrastinating last week.  Today will be a day when I get things done.  Ok, I did get things done last week–just last minute.

So, I’ve made a list today (you’re right, Cindi!) of all the things that I want to get finished before I have to pick up some kids from school today.   For some reason, I agree to pick my sweet girl up from school EVERY Friday of the school year.  Really I don’t mind, but it does cut my day short, aka forces me to schedule my day off!    Now, not only do I pick up my girl, but sometimes as many as 4 other preteenish youngsters.  Oh, the thangs they say when I blend into the steering wheel.

So anyway, here  I am TALKING ABOUT all the things I’m going to get accomplished today.  Again slumped in my chair, in my pj’s, with lappy keeping me warm. <deep breath….>