A day of accomplishments

It’s Friday again already!  The week always flies by so quickly.

Moaning about my procrastinating last week.  Today will be a day when I get things done.  Ok, I did get things done last week–just last minute.

So, I’ve made a list today (you’re right, Cindi!) of all the things that I want to get finished before I have to pick up some kids from school today.   For some reason, I agree to pick my sweet girl up from school EVERY Friday of the school year.  Really I don’t mind, but it does cut my day short, aka forces me to schedule my day off!    Now, not only do I pick up my girl, but sometimes as many as 4 other preteenish youngsters.  Oh, the thangs they say when I blend into the steering wheel.

So anyway, here  I am TALKING ABOUT all the things I’m going to get accomplished today.  Again slumped in my chair, in my pj’s, with lappy keeping me warm. <deep breath….>


One response to this post.

  1. Go Cari Go! I’m keeping this comment short because I want you to remain highly focused today. One of us should after all. 😉

    I love the blend into the steering wheel thing. You are so right! My oldest is 11 but I do notice he and his cousins might joke about kissing girls and stuff like I’M NOT EVEN LISTENING!! They don’t kiss girls, btw, just mention things around it.

    Oops, keep it short Shannon! I forgot my mission. Happy Friday/weekend!

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