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Resolved…now what?

One more time I need to say, “I can’t wait till this Twilight movie loses some of it’s momentum!”  Two people at church tonight told me I “had to see Twilight!”…”you’d love it!”   Why!?  Why me?  What makes you think I would LOVE it!?  Once I just responded with a quiet smile and a nod…the second time, I mumbled and jabbered nonsense about “can’t”, “I’m weird”, “not being religious…etc” (I should’ve just smiled and nodded)  I just DON”T know how else to respond!   Just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.

Do I just hold my breath until it’s popularity fades, and the hype is over?  Then I starting thinking, what about the next one…the next popular movie/tv show that EVERYONE sees and loves.  “oh, it’s so good!”  “it’s love, and sweet, and romantic, and happy ending, and blah, blah, blah”” and “you’ll LOVE it!”

So, here’s my question.  What happens when you take a stand like this? Especially in a world where movies are such a huge part of our culture.  Everywhere I turn…”Did you see this one?”  “We’re going to see that one, wanna come?”  “I’m going to stay home tonight and watch that one—again!”    When you decide to “give up” something completely “normal”….it’s harder than, say…giving up drinking.  If I were tempted by alcohol, I’d just stop hanging out at the bars, right?  It’s seems much harder to avoid this temptation.   But, like the alcoholic can’t just have ONE drink, I can’t just watch one movie and walk away.

I have a sweet little girl at church in the class I serve in that would like nothing more than to tell me about each movie that she’s seen that weekend…scene by scene.  I have to redirect her every week.  Seriously, God, do you know about this?! And you allow it?!  Cut me some slack.  Please?

I have resolved…and this one’s not going to be easy.  Luckily, I’m not in it alone.

A Strong Warning

I’ve never re-posted anything before, but I’m reading Isaiah again and ran across this verse again.

The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does. Isaiah 8:11

These words, spoken by Isaiah early in his years as a prophet of God, reflect the commitment to God that it takes to follow Him wholeheartedly.  To trust in Him alone.

I’m looking for focus and a clear mind.  What do I do?  Shut out distractions.  Turn them off, make a choice.  It also reminds me of:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. Rom 12:2

In what way do you need to change the way you think so that you do not think like everyone else?

Random happy feelings

Oh, girls…don’t we always let our feelings guide us?  This can be good and bad, I suppose.

I just wanna share a couple of things that make me happy today.

The perfect egg. I’ve always had trouble making this at home–until now.  I found this little baby pan.  It’s made to cook just 1 egg.  and it does….perfectly.  My mornings are now bliss.  Look at it!   It’s beautiful.

the perfect egg

sunny side up

AND…I cancelled our voice mail with Cox (along with a few other services when we went all ‘gazelle intense’ with Dave Ramsey).  I HATED the voice mail retrieval process…calling myself, pushing 1 to hear new messages, listening to the call back number, and then the message (which was usually some recording from a solicitor!).  It was such a time sucker!  I know that seems silly, but if you know me and I don’t answer at home, you probably have my cell phone number.  It’s what I usually give people anyway if I actually WANT to take their call!   So, anyway, when I walk in the house after being out for a few hours, I remember that “NO, I don’t have any messages” and breathe a sigh of relief.   Ahhhhh….beautiful.   It really is the small things.

Oh, yeah, and I bought an ax…or is it an axe?…today.  Don’t know what for except that I wanted one.  It’s small.  fairly “girl-sized” I thought…(or camp sized, according to the package).   So, if you need anything small chopped up (or down) let me know–I’ll come right over bearing ax.  Maybe I’ll go to the park and…oh, wait, carrying an ax around at the park might not look so good….never mind.

I’ll sleep good tonight.  No messages on the voice mail, anticipating another perfect egg in the morning, with a shiny new ax in the garage.  I do believe I could conquer the world.


As a Christ follower, is it OK to participate in activities that are morally wrong, or at least morally questionable?   The easy answer to this question, is “of course not”.   Then, my next question is…is it OK to watch someone else participate in activities that are morally questionable or just downright wrong?  Even if they are only pretending or acting out situations? Please don’t make me make a list, and I hope you’re not just picturing sexual stuff in your mind. (for more reasons than one!)  This could go for anything from sexual sin, to gossip, lying, violence…that’s my short list–I’ll let you define for yourself what is “morally questionable or wrong”.

I really hate to pull out the old “WWJD”, but maybe that’s our best measuring stick.  High standard?  Sure.  Too high?  I don’t think so.  As Christ followers, we are not called to compromise, but to have the attitude of Christ–staying pure, considering our lives nothing apart from God.

You might have guessed already that I’m referring to TV and movies–a recurring theme here on this blog, I’m afraid.  Please understand, I’m not condemning anyone else for their own decisions, but only questioning and processing where I stand on this issue.

The word of God has lots to say about this.  2 Corinthians 7:1 says it like this:

Because we have these promises (that God is with us and for us), let us cleanse ourselves from everything that can defile our body or spirit. And let us work toward complete holiness out of reverence for God”.   (emphasis mine)

I don’t know about you, but that word everything hollers at me from the page.  It screams commitment, sacrifice, and purity, and it forces me to redefine what is acceptable for me to lay eyes on or put in my mind.  No doubt, what goes in affects the way I think and act.  Garbage in, garbage out.  How much do I care about protecting my spirit and reserving it completely for God?  It means everything to me.

I could read scripture and just lightly brush by some of the more “difficult” commands…but…that just wouldn’t be fair.  I think I would be missing out on some huge pieces of what God has in store for ME.  This is the obedience he has called ME to…not you, necessarily, but ME, definitely.

Do You Do Hard Things? part 3

A letter of apology to my children.

I’m sorry, kids, that I didn’t expect more from you.   My intention was just to take care of you.  I know that you can cut your own apple, but I’m scared you will slice your finger off with the knife….or just skip the apple altogether because it’s too much trouble.   I know that you can clean your own room and do your own laundry, but my Love Language is Acts of Service–so it’s just my way of telling you I love you.

I’m sorry that I let you get away with being “too tired” after school to do your chores before you plop down on the couch to watch mindless TV.  While I understand and sympathize with your long, grueling day, we all have responsibilities…so, suck it up.  I’m also sorry that I occasionally let you mumble incoherent responses to adults, or, worse, answer for you, because you’re “too shy”.

So, while I might seem a little more “harsh” and demanding in the future, it’s only because I care about your future.   You’ll be taking care of your own room and laundry.  If you are hungry for a snack, go get it yourself.  You’ll be pulling your weight around the house, or…or…or else.  🙂   And, if someone speaks to you, you’ll use common courtesy and answer them–it’s not THAT hard, for Pete’s sake!  Please try to remember that if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t care whether or not you could take care of yourself when you grew up.  I wouldn’t care if you had the life skills to succeed at whatever you wanted.

I’m asking you to reach past your comfort zones, to go above and beyond the minimum required, and to dream big because I love you and I KNOW that you are MORE than capable of doing hard things.  Please just remember, do it all with the attitude of Christ–be humble and love others more than yourself.

Love you both,


Could you Be More Spammy?

This “comment” was sent to my spam inbox on my blog.  Commenting on my post “Want the Weather Report? Just Ask My Hair.” It’s a comment from some weight loss site.

“Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for writing. I will certainly be subscribing to your site.”

hahahahahahahahahaha!  Pondering the topic of frizzy hair caused by high humidity?!  Really!?  Yeah, right.

Do You Do Hard Things? Part 2

The benefits to doing hard things.  Ok, since no one helped me out on my last Hard Things post and named some benefits of doing hard things (like I asked!) I’ll have to do all the hard work and put together a list of reasons why we would bother doing hard things rather than coasting by in our every day lives. And, yes, I tried to make that last sentence as long as possible.  Wasn’t too hard.

Let me just start by saying that right now, this is a really hard thing for me.  My brain is tired and I really want to make this post meaningful, but I’m afraid I won’t say enough. or I won’t convince you or me that it’s worth it–to skip easy and do hard instead.  But, it’s been a week since my first Hard Things post and I can’t put it off forever.  So, here comes a less than perfect answer…

  • produces growth and change-I want to be different next year than I am right now.  If I never change, I could grow stagnant and moldy–what kind of a blessing would I be to others?
  • makes you stronger-without pushing past our comfort zones, we’ll never get stronger (the same is true w/ physical exercise too!)
  • develops character–
  • accomplishes something-this one’s obvious.  If we don’t try, then we never will succeed.

This is all I have for now.  I know there is infinitely more to say on this subject but it’s just not flowing right now.  So, if you’re reading—chime in.  Even if it’s hard!


Mom’s Day Cake

I wanted to make this cake for Mother’s Day dinner.  I don’t get to bake very often and it’s something that me and my precious daughter love to do together.  What better way to spend this special day! And, the icing is something called “ganache” pronounced gun-ASH.    I just wanted to make that because it was different and new to me. 🙂    So, we began with killer chocolate cake…

begin w/ cake

combined heavy cream and chocolate chips…

cream and chocolate

heat the cream and pour over chocolate…

pour heated cream over chocolate

stir to melt chips…

still warm-very creamy

pour over chilled cake and spread.  Isn’t is so shiny!

pour and spread

If you chill some of the ganache and then whip it with a mixer, it looks lighter (in color and texture) and you can pipe it onto the cake for decoration.  If you are a 15 year old boy, you’ll probably want to mound it up like poop in the middle…(thanks, dude)

mound of poop

If you’re that boys sister, you’ll spread it out so that it DOESN’T look like poop before you serve it to your moms! (thanks, sweetie!)

finished project

Next time we’ll probably use a different kind of chocolate though–maybe milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  It was enjoyed by all three moms around the table!

~~Happy Mother’s Day!~~

Do You Do Hard Things? part 1

I’m reading a book called Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris.  It was written by teens for teens.  But, it’s challenging me. and I’m not a teen.  Do I do hard things?  Or do I coast?

When I think of someone who does hard things, I think of my cousin who is raising 3 girls BY HER SELF, going to school, AND working full time.  and she is not just raising them, but she’s teaching them to value education, each other, a relationship with God…they have traditions, family identity, confidence.  They are loved, self-assured, beautiful, happy, goal-oriented.  They watch their mom work hard and pursue more, not for worldly success or money, but because she has goals.  That’s hard.

And I think of my sister who works full time at a job she’s not crazy about, just to pay the bills.  With her husband out of work, she has to leave her beautiful, precious toddlers (my niece and nephew who I’m crazy about!) and go to work every day to provide for her family.  Not only that, but she still runs the house, plans and prepares meals, and spends LOTS of time with the kids so they know that she loves them. She does all of this with a positive attitude and a thankful heart.   My friends, that’s hard.

My circumstances have been easy by comparison, allowing me to skate by doing the minimum.    So who’s better off?  I’m sure there is value to doing hard things. What is it?

I need a minute to think….let me get back to you on that.  In the meantime, give me your input.  What do you gain by doing hard things?


Going from head knowledge to behavior.

If you have lots of life experiences, read lots of books, and learned lots of lessons throughout life, and then continue to do the same things you’ve always done, the way you’ve always done them, you didn’t let the things you learn change the way you act.

What’s the point in learning then?