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Random happy feelings

Oh, girls…don’t we always let our feelings guide us?  This can be good and bad, I suppose.

I just wanna share a couple of things that make me happy today.

The perfect egg. I’ve always had trouble making this at home–until now.  I found this little baby pan.  It’s made to cook just 1 egg.  and it does….perfectly.  My mornings are now bliss.  Look at it!   It’s beautiful.

the perfect egg

sunny side up

AND…I cancelled our voice mail with Cox (along with a few other services when we went all ‘gazelle intense’ with Dave Ramsey).  I HATED the voice mail retrieval process…calling myself, pushing 1 to hear new messages, listening to the call back number, and then the message (which was usually some recording from a solicitor!).  It was such a time sucker!  I know that seems silly, but if you know me and I don’t answer at home, you probably have my cell phone number.  It’s what I usually give people anyway if I actually WANT to take their call!   So, anyway, when I walk in the house after being out for a few hours, I remember that “NO, I don’t have any messages” and breathe a sigh of relief.   Ahhhhh….beautiful.   It really is the small things.

Oh, yeah, and I bought an ax…or is it an axe?…today.  Don’t know what for except that I wanted one.  It’s small.  fairly “girl-sized” I thought…(or camp sized, according to the package).   So, if you need anything small chopped up (or down) let me know–I’ll come right over bearing ax.  Maybe I’ll go to the park and…oh, wait, carrying an ax around at the park might not look so good….never mind.

I’ll sleep good tonight.  No messages on the voice mail, anticipating another perfect egg in the morning, with a shiny new ax in the garage.  I do believe I could conquer the world.