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Resolved…now what?

One more time I need to say, “I can’t wait till this Twilight movie loses some of it’s momentum!”  Two people at church tonight told me I “had to see Twilight!”…”you’d love it!”   Why!?  Why me?  What makes you think I would LOVE it!?  Once I just responded with a quiet smile and a nod…the second time, I mumbled and jabbered nonsense about “can’t”, “I’m weird”, “not being religious…etc” (I should’ve just smiled and nodded)  I just DON”T know how else to respond!   Just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.

Do I just hold my breath until it’s popularity fades, and the hype is over?  Then I starting thinking, what about the next one…the next popular movie/tv show that EVERYONE sees and loves.  “oh, it’s so good!”  “it’s love, and sweet, and romantic, and happy ending, and blah, blah, blah”” and “you’ll LOVE it!”

So, here’s my question.  What happens when you take a stand like this? Especially in a world where movies are such a huge part of our culture.  Everywhere I turn…”Did you see this one?”  “We’re going to see that one, wanna come?”  “I’m going to stay home tonight and watch that one—again!”    When you decide to “give up” something completely “normal”….it’s harder than, say…giving up drinking.  If I were tempted by alcohol, I’d just stop hanging out at the bars, right?  It’s seems much harder to avoid this temptation.   But, like the alcoholic can’t just have ONE drink, I can’t just watch one movie and walk away.

I have a sweet little girl at church in the class I serve in that would like nothing more than to tell me about each movie that she’s seen that weekend…scene by scene.  I have to redirect her every week.  Seriously, God, do you know about this?! And you allow it?!  Cut me some slack.  Please?

I have resolved…and this one’s not going to be easy.  Luckily, I’m not in it alone.