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Hello? Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

My vacation got me all out of whack, I guess.  I can’t seem to think in blog posts anymore like I used to.  I’m excited tonight though.  Right now I’m watching the X Men: Last Stand with Cory “THE” Kelley…I have NO idea what’s happening–it’s toward the end of the movie and there’s lots of blowing stuff up.  Apparently, there is a “cure” for the mutants–some of whom want the cure and some of whom don’t. Whatever.  The bright spot in the movie is that Miles Straum (my favorite character from LOST) is in this movie.  He plays some porcupine-like dude.  Oops, he just got evaporated.  Darn.   Cameron’s in her room coughing and sniffling and reading a book.  Dumb allergies.

My mom’s retired now…I’m so excited for her!  I think she’s enjoying it so far.  She’s helping me out getting Cory to and from driver’s ed–yes, I said driver’s ed!–sheesh!

AND, tonight I should finish Revelations!.  Yep, the whole bible in 6 months!  It’s amazing how different it seems when read all together like that.  I’m still wondering why it was necessary to have ALL of the prophets at the end of the old Testament warning Israel about it’s coming destruction???  I mean I appreciate the fact that God sent several people to warn them and urge them to repent, but did they all have to be in the OT?  Was I supposed to get something new and different from each one?

My goal when I started (the reason I wanted to read it in a year) was to know God better. I believed that knowing Him better would help me to love Him more.  True that.   Also, wisdom and understanding-–I need more of it.  Again, I’m not disappointed.

Anyway, I better put this thing down so I can read before I get sleepy!   I’m planning to read it chronologically next…if I can find a resource for that!

new stuff, somewhere else

I’m sorely disappointed in myself.  I go all BIG, guest posting on a leadership blog, getting a conversation going, receiving more hits on my blog in 2 days than I’d had in the last 6 months prior, then…. *crickets chirping*…nothing.

Oh well.  Now that the hubbub has died down and traffic has returned to normal, I thought I’d resurface.  and send you, my faithful reader, to another blog.  Yep.  I don’t have anything to say, but I have been thinking…and reading.  I’m working through a book called Sacred Marriage, based on the idea that the Lord designed marriage not to make you happy but to make you holy.  This requires a paradigm shift for many.

Which lead me to here, which is where I’m sending you.  Take a gander, then come on back.  I promise I’ll have something new soon. 🙂  and I don’t know why it keeps being in italics…won’t stop.  grrrrr…

My Mind is Somewhere Else Today

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