The pretty birds

We have a bird feeder in our backyard that hangs in a tree, strategically placed to be easily seen from the kitchen windows. <insert picture here>  (I would but the home computer crashed and I don’t want to mess with the backup)

Anytime we (usually just me or Cameron) see a bird out there on the feeder we get excited and shout out, “bird!”  Really?  You think that’s true?  Well, not exactly.  The plain jane birds–you know, the brown ones or the black ones–rarely get a comment.  However, the Cardinals and Bluejays…that’s another story.  and I’m pretty sure it’s not just ‘cuz they’re the only ones we know the names of.  They are the rare ones…the pretty ones, the colorful ones….the Noticeable ones.

Why is that?  Why do I not get excited over a plain old sparrow, a robin, or a wren?  It starts me thinking about our culture and our world.  How typical that the “special” birds get noticed and all the others barely get a glance.  It’s really no wonder that people who want to “stand out”, to be “noticed”, are the ones that want to look different.  They spend so much time and money on hair, makeup, and clothes.  They recognize that sooo much of our cultural acceptance is based on appearance.  I’m just as guilty as the next guy–judging by appearance.  I’m trying to change though.

I should have been a psychology major in college–then I might actually know what I’m talking about…or at least think I did.

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