Come On Over for Some More S’mores!

We’re not much on DIY projects….at least finishing them…    But on a cloudy, rainy 4th of July, we made a Lowe’s run and came home with the makings for a sand pit.  A sand pit?  Yep.  We’ve had a fire pit (actually we have 2 of them) for a while but couldn’t use it because our back patio is completely covered and we did NOT want to burn the neighborhood down by using it in the yard.  Smokey the Bear would be proud of us.  🙂  So, after we took down the Easy Set Pool that was MUCH too small for our kids to enjoy, we were left with an ugly brown spot on the yard. (we had staked the center of the circle, in case you’re wondering what that black thing is in the middle)  The spot inspired me.  Doesn’t it look inspiring!?

ugly brown spot

So, we dug…

Digging out the circleand dug some more…notice the leftover pool floaty looking on?

More digging

then flattened out the muddy mess…

stamping and smoothing the dirt

laid down some weed/grass blocker

weed blocker

carefully placed our stones around the edge of the circle…

circle of stonesfilled the thing with sand


and had a camp out!   This was actually the next night—which was perfect, weather-wise.  mid 70’s,  slightest breeze, nearly full moon….hmmmm….it was good.  Cory had a fire going in under 5 minutes, thanks to the mad fire building skills he learned at Camp Dakani earlier this summer. ( Actually, only Cameron and 2 of her friends slept in the tent–the rest of us slept in our beds.)

roasting marshmallows!

So, we’ve stocked up on firewood, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate!  Come on over!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by christyd4 on July 6, 2009 at 8:43 am

    Awesome sand pit, I’ll b right over!! I’m the queen of the unfinished project, but you’ve inspired me.

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