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There’s been a slight change of plans.    I know that I just said a couple of days ago, June 30 to be exact, that I finished reading the bible and said I was going to start again reading it chronologically.  I was even gonna fast track it and read 2 days at a time so that I could read it again by the end of the year.  (I didn’t realize I was such an overachiever!)   BUT, the plan has changed.  Or, I should say, God changed it.

So the next ___ days/weeks will be spent reading from Psalms and spending much more time in prayer and worship.  I don’t even know how long this is gonna take I have to stop reading and just sit in front of God in worship.  I’m so task driven that I enjoyed having  the 10-15 pages a day to read and the goal in mind, but I wasn’t stopping to just BE with God…talk to Him… focus on who He is.  Of course there is value to reading His word, but so much more in the relationship.

So, I came up with this acronym to help me. Thanks, Lord, for the help with this!

Come–simply come to Him

Acknowledge–acknowledge who and what He is in my life. Savior, Redeemer, Counselor, Provider, Protector, etc.

Rest–just sit still before a Holy God.

Intercede–pray for other people

See?  I get to sit still before God and still go through a  checklist.  and it’s easy for me to remember, too!  Can’t wait!!  God is so good!