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I’m annoyed today…by myself and others

I’m I really lazy or what?  I know people in my life who are currently doing BIG projects.   Moving themselves and in-laws into different houses while doing repairs, selling a house, sending a child to college—ALL at the SAME time!  Then someone else who is cleaning out attics, rooms, storage, organizing, having garage sales, hauling 14 TONS of sand–ALL at the same time!

Literally, I cleaned out one room, repainted it, and got the house ready for in-laws.    You’d have thought I’d redecorated the White House, for all the exhausted I was!  My head was spinning from to-do lists and check lists and grocery lists and menus, etc.  It annoys me that I can’t relax.

And now I’m annoyed by Facebook and the inane status updates.  I don’t care where you’re eating or what music listening to.  I’m sure that you’re excited about it, but really…nobody cares.  I’ve taken to mercilessly “hiding” peoples updates.  I know people can do this to me…especially if I tick them off by saying their updates are inane.  That’s ok, really it is.  But, if you’re reading this, I’m sure it’s not YOU that I’ve hidden!

AND!  good grief, when will this rant end??  I do NOT enjoy Air Conditioned air.  Artificially cooled air annoys me.  It must be all that condensing and evaporating that alters the state of the air. I know that SOMETIMES I rely on it to cool me off, I do NOT enjoy sitting in an air conditioned house or office for long periods of time.  A/C overuse should be a crime. ugh.  My nasal passages are irritated and offended.

I think I might need more sleep to get rid of these crankies. and caffeine.  sleep and caffeine…in that order. sorry, bye.