Faith, Healing, and Death-not so upbeat moments at

The content found here at is merely my thoughts, opinions, and the truth as I understand it.  Test it for yourself.  Take it before God.  Ask Him.  I’m no expert in biblical knowledge by any stretch of the imagination.   And remember, the more you listen, the more understanding you’re given. Mark 4:24

I believe, You’re my Healer. It’s a line from a worship song, and I believe it.  God is Healer.  But…why didn’t He heal my _______?, you might ask.  I’ve been thinking about this a LOT.   It feels like God is building my faith and understanding to prepare me for something.  or maybe not.  I’m not sure, but I’m not scared.

AND, there is more than just physical diseases that God heals us from.  The disease of selfishness, pride, resentment…he heals those things too.  Addictions, sin, complacency, passivity, nothing is impossible for Him.

What I know is that God is Eternal.  He exists outside of this temporal world.  He existed before the world began and He’ll be here LONG after we’re gone.  He IS the beginning and the end.  When we beg Him to heal us or someone else, He will.  I believe that with all of my heart.  But…the healing might not be on this earth, in this time that we know and live in.  Complete healing may only come in that Eternal world.  in Heaven…after a physical death.   In the case of physical disease, and for reasons we CANNOT understand, He lovingly decides how long a persons life on this earth will be.  Since God is eternal and has promised us eternal life, if we believe in Him, death is NOT the end.

How else can you make sense of death?

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