the one where I’m less transparent

I killed a giant hairy-legged spider this morning on the kitchen floor.  Actually, I sucked him up with the vacuum cleaner hose, so he’s probably not even dead.  He is probably crawling around in the canister thingy with all the dust and dog hair.  Eww.  Now I’m going to have trouble sleeping for fear he’ll somehow escape (no doubt come out the way he went in!) and seek revenge on me for attempted murder.

This big dude was hairy legged, too, although not naturally.  He’d obviously been crawling around under the lip of the kitchen cabinets and he had big clumps of dust stuck to his 8 legs.   This made him seem more substantial than he probably really was.   Despite my best efforts, it always seems to get really dusty under there.  Oh jeesh, what if he lived there?!  Made a home with his 8 hairy legged spider wife?  and laid spider eggs that hatched into spider babies!?  Eww…I’m really going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

Sorry, where was I going with this story.  Oh, yeah, I was attempting to be more current eventsy and a little less transparent.  I have a friend who found my blog (shout out to db!)  and said she was inspired to be more transparent on her blog because of mine.  Wow!  what a compliment!  It got me thinking about my blog topics and how much I share.  Sharing weaknesses, struggles, and fears with the world wide web may not be the wisest thing.  There are surely people out there that would use stuff like that against a person, yes?

So, why on earth do I share these deep thoughts and feelings with no one in particular?  Why do I feel better seeing them on the computer screen?  Answers to come another day.  Today I’m being surfacey.  Making up words and such…and imagining hairy legged spiders coming to get me!

Oh, yeah, and today is my 20th wedding anniversary.  Well, not just my, but my and Kevin.  Wow, I’ve been married half my life.  This, also, will be covered another day.  It’s surely worthy of it’s own dedicated post!

One response to this post.

  1. Cari! I have actually blogged about killing spiders too! It was a traumatic experience, so it had to make my blog.

    Just wait til I write my very own transparent post! It’s coming.

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