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Do I Really Want What I Want?

I want to have a skinny, toned body.  In my mind I do.  In real life I do not.  In order to actually have it, I’d have to give something up that’s not beneficial (junk food) and commit to doing something good for me to build muscle and burn fat (exercise).  Without these disciplines, I will never have what I want, no matter how much I want it…not if I’m not willing to work  for it.

For so long I wanted to have a close relationship with God, and all the benefits that come with itwisdom, peace, love, joy, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. But, I was unwilling–I’ll call it what it is–to invest the time and energy to have it.  I just wanted to pray for God to be close to me and expect it to happen without effort.

Now I know.  Our salvation is free….it’s a gift.  (Eph 2:8) You do NOT have to work for it.  and that’s REALLY good news. But the intimate  relationship with God–which is THE BEST part of the whole deal!–takes work; as does any relationship.  It takes time, attention.  If I want to know God better (and have all of those benefits that comes with it), I have to choose to spend time with Him over so many other things.  I have to give up something not beneficial and commit to doing something good for me that brings me closer to God  and eliminates sin from my life.

Time to get off my bum-bum and get to it.  So what do you need to go, and what do you need to start?  It is worth it, I guarantee it.