My Testimony–part 2

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, crying. not running.

So, the night of crying–and thoughts of running– was a Tuesday night.  Two days later, on a Thursday afternoon, I mentioned in passing to a neighborhood friend that finances were strained and it was causing worry and pain.   Unbeknownst to me, she and her husband had been “church shopping” the last few weeks and had visited a church in the area that was NOT for them–(the music was too loud!), BUT the pastor was doing a series on money and finances…and I might be interested.

Never in my wildest imaginations, did I see God fixing my money or marriage problems.   It just never, ever occurred to me.  But for reasons I could NOT explain, I knew for sure I’d be there that weekend.   I look back and still wonder how/why I thought that was a good idea.   Nevertheless, I was determined to go.  I called my sister, who had been to this church a couple of times before, and told her what I was doing.  She said she’d meet me there.  I’m sure she was excited, because she already knew the God I was getting ready to meet.

I was nervous for the next 2 days.  I did not tell my husband what I had planned to do.  I was angry at him, a little embarrassed about going, and really didn’t know how to explain it, so I kept quiet.  I really don’t even remember what happened that Sunday morning before I left–he probably does…he remembers everything.

Sunday morning finally came and I got out my best dress and pantyhose–because that’s what you wear to church, right?  I got there a little early and had to wait by the door for my sister.  The lobby was crowded and I was OBVIOUSLY over dressed.  Someone asked me if I was a “greeter”.  Huh?  “NO, I’m just waiting for someone.”  “Is this your first time here?”  “uh, DUH!”    Everyone was nice. I was nervous.

My sister, who also remembers EVERYTHING, could probably tell you what happened next.  My next memory is sitting in a chair, towards the back of the auditorium, listening intently to every word the pastor said.  He was engaging, funny, very easy to understand.  He was talking about debt snowballs and how the borrower is slave to the lender…all stuff I recognize now as Dave Ramsey material.  I was comfortable, it was common sense… and then, BAM, he hit me right between the eyes with the truth of the gospel, and what it could do for me.  I cried again.  This time with the brokenness that comes right before healing.  A result of surrender.  Relief washed over me like a flood as I slowly released my soul to God.

And yes, I do have a flair for the dramatic.  But it’s true.  All true.  More to come…

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  1. What? Dramatic? In our family? That’s inconcievable! Keep the story coming, it’s very moving.

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