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Flu away!

So, it’s 10/11 and I did NOT Race for the Cure yesterday.  Sorry, Susan G. Komen, I wanted to (sort of), but I stayed home with the flu instead.  Fever, achy, coughing…when will there be a cure for that?  I don’t see anybody racing for that.

Sorry, I mean absolutely NO disrespect for breast cancer sufferers, survivors, and victims.  Breast cancer is certainly WAY worse than the flu…it’s just that I don’t have breast cancer right now, only the flu, and I tend to live in the moment.  I know, I’m a self-centered, egomaniac…and I’m redundant.  and right now my “moment” is full of hacking, coughing, achy-ness.  *groan*  btw, this a flu that will never have a “name”.  No need to go to the dr and pay a copay so they can tell me if my flu has a name…oink.

Nothing tastes good, not even candy corn.  Soup and cheddar cheese pringles are all I can manage.

Now, I just have to go sanitize EVERYTHING and pray that the rest of my family stays healthy.  We’re going on a short vacation in 5 short days–and meeting my sister, bro-in-law, and their 2 precious children.  and can NOT share this stuff with them.