Book review–sort of

I just took a car trip, which usually means I just finished a book.  My last 2 trips I read the Shack and most of Crazy Love.  This time it just happened to be a book that my mom had with her.  She finished Mistaken Identity while we were in Colorado, so I read it on the drive home.  In case you’re unfamiliar, the book chronicles 2 families whose college age daughters were in a horrific car accident together.  One lives, one dies, but the rescue team got them mixed up at the scene.  So one family buries their daughter and the other begins a 5 week journey of survival and rehab—and then they have to switch places. I have had a couple or 3 thoughts rolling around in my head since…I need to share.

  • Scripture–both families are already strong Christ followers when the accident occurs.   Every thought, choice, and action is rooted in scripture and an unshakable faith in the Lord.  The pages were filled with verse after verse of comfort, peace, understanding, salvation, hope…and that’s the kind of thing that does not just happen over night.  This was a foundation that was laid long before this devastating accident.  It reminds me to prepare.  Tragedy, trauma, or at least sadness, is inevitable in this life.  I want to have as much of God’s word in my heart and mind as possible, so that when adversity comes, I will have the tools and weapons to fight, heal, or overcome.
  • forgiveness--when asked if they were angry and would pursue legal action (after the mistake was discovered) both families modeled true forgiveness in a way that the world rarely gets to see.  The dad of  Laura (the girl who died) was asked if the family would seek restitution, he replied “I’ve been forgiven of worse, how can I not forgive this mistake”.  The media tried to provoke a response–they responded with love.  It was beautiful.

There’s more…I’m saving it for tomorrow…or the next day, though. 🙂

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