What kind of music is God’s favorite?

I walked by Cory’s room the other night and heard the most awful noise coming from his room.   The guttural screaming was almost unbearable to these 40 year old ears.  Does my child actually enjoy listening to scream-o music?  What have I done??  I’ve failed as a parent.  just kidding. but, really…it’s awful.

I knocked on his door and went in to sit on his bed.  I joked a little about his music choice. Actually, truth be told, I asked him where he got that “devil music”.  ha.  it was a joke.  He didn’t appreciate it.  He insisted that it was “Christian” music, and I laughed and said “how would you know?  you can’t even understand them”.

A couple of minutes later, he called me over to the computer–he wanted me to read the lyrics of the song he’d been listening to.  Here they are, from August Burns Red.

Pretty good stuff.  If you’d like to actually hear them, here’s the link to the song on youtube. Click and listen if you dare.

I trust in you for life to live, and air to breath.
Purity fills my lungs.
I no longer live in solitude.
No longer bound.
My heart beats with great devotion.
This is the start to a new beginning.
On my knees praying for mercy.
Hands raised high, humble and broken. Wanting your grace.
Wanting your security.
Memories of laying facedown, motionless, with such a hollow feeling inside.
Soon I would end this life I was living.
I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands.
I am a fallen victim.
Lord, show me the way. I ask of you Father, let my words be your words.
Let my thoughts be your thoughts.
To you, I give my praise.
Show me the way. Take me in your arms. Never let me go.
Lord, show me the way, as I give myself to you.
Never let me go.
Hold me with your everlasting love.

So, sorry, Cory.    I suppose any music style that praises God and speaks to believers is something I can’t argue with.   Just please don’t make me listen to it, k?  Love ya, bud!

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  1. Posted by christyd4 on October 23, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Shelby went to youth group and they had a rap group there. She said it was okay, but you couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Thank God because I don’t want to replace my KLOV with some rapping Christian albums (ha!). I know I sound like Grandma Christy, but kids these days…….

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