My eulogy–first attempt

I’ve decided to write my own eulogy, pronounced u-googaly, if you’ve seen Zoolander.  If you read my post here, you’ll remember that I was contemplating what people say about loved ones when they die.   Dead people are always perfect blessings.  Their flaws are forgotten and their gifts and attributes are magnified. Is this just human nature?   I can kind of understand why we do it, but am I the only one who worries at funerals about what people will say about me when I die?  Could I possibly deserve such high praise?

First, I need to mention a couple of things…lay a foundation, if you will.  This will be a memorial service/celebration.  There will be no casket, no body to view, and no people all dressed in black.  Wear your everyday clothes, people,  I mean it.   I’ll be toasted and scattered in a pretty, quiet wooded area somewhere.   I’d sure love it if there were GOBS of flowers at this memorial event, but I’m kinda frugal, and I know that flowers can be EXPENSIVE, so I’ll be flexible on this point.  You can even have the thing outside in the aforementioned wooded area if the weather’s nice.

So, what will they say?    Oh my, this is harder than I thought.  I’m staring at this blinking cursor, with no idea how to start.

2 responses to this post.

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