My Eulogy-second attempt

So, what will they say about me when I’m gone?  and when I say “they”, I mean my family, my friends, my kids, everyone.  Wow, that’s an overwhelming thought.  Maybe because they wouldn’t all say the same thing exactly.

I don’t know how to start, so I’ll just start…probably in the middle.

Cari’s not here anymore. She’s in a better place. Nope, no cliches. Right now, as we stand/sit looking at all of these beautiful flowers, drinking in their fragrant aroma (I hope the irony here is not lost on you), she is sitting at the feet of Jesus worshipping Him and breathing deep His fragrant Spirit.  Experiencing, for the first time, the smell of grass, flowers, fall, and babies. (OK, maybe we’ll leave out the part about the smelling…I haven’t landed on anything for certain yet.) Moving on…

At some point in her life, Cari, (“they” will say my name alot, because I like that) found herself following Jesus, but she was so far away from Him, she could barely see to follow.  It’s hard to follow someone when you can’t see them.  So, Cari prayed.  It was awkward and disconnected, but she prayed and kept on praying.  Begging God to come closer.  Begging Him to give her a hunger and desire for Him and His Word, the Bible.  God answered Cari, probably with tears of joy and relief and thankfulness in His eyes.  “Of course”, He said.

So, God came closer.  Close enough for Cari to see and follow.  She found peace and comfort in His closeness.   Cari fell in love with God’s words…she ate them up.   God began to speak to her through His word and she found that all she wanted was to know God better.  So, she prayed some more–praying God’s words back to Him.  Praying for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that she might know God better. Eph 1:17 Nothing else** mattered more than Knowing God and sharing His Love.

**We’re always idealistic at funerals (or memorials), so we won’t talk about my weaknesses or character flaws.  (Those all seem to fade from memory once a person passes anyway–thank goodness.)  We’re gonna pretend that “nothing else” isn’t an exaggeration. 🙂

So, go eat some cake, seek to truly know God,  and don’t forget to grab a lock of Cari’s hair on your way out. That’s gross, I’m just kidding.  Not about the cake part, just the hair.

I know there’s some big chunks missing in all of this, but it’s harder than you’d think.  I’m not finished yet.

2 responses to this post.

  1. So absolutely no mention of candy corn? I think it’s going beautifully. I admire the fact that you can write this at all. I would definitely STILL be staring at a blinking curser. I like the idea of the dress code and the setting too. I abhor funerals and how they are done. Maybe I should get a plan down for my own so no one has to look at my plasteen ashen face and bad makeup job. :~[

  2. […] you want to read what I attempted for my eulogy, the first attempt is here and the second is here.  If you don’t click over to read, you’re not missing much…anyway, one other […]

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