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The Art of Judging

I’m a judger.  I don’t wanna be.  But as I struggle to sort out my thoughts and feelings about certain things, then finally determine a stance on a certain issue, there is always going to be another side.  If I’ve reasoned rationally, then I have decided NOT to choose one side for a really good reason…this is the side I tend to judge.  I don’t know how not too.  I think as I’m trying to stand firm in my decision, I have to keep reminding myself why what I have chosen is right–is best.  Therefore…what’s the opposite of right?  or best?  wrong.  worst. Right?

I know it’s confusing when I try to speak in generalities.  But, I’m going to avoid the topic that is weighing heavy on me right now and use something easy to try to explain better.   Let’s go with something like….tanning beds. K?

So, for example, I’ve decided that tanning beds are bad for me, then how would I feel when someone told me that frequent tanning beds?    Would feelings of judgment flood my mind?  I would be thinking…”how can they do that to their skin!?”  Leathery, pumpkin faces.  Ow, harsh judgment.  Name calling.  I’m brutal, apparently.

But, you see the problem.  Does everyone do this or is it easier for some people to accept all angles?

Romans 8:1 says “So now there is NO condemnation in Christ.”    none. Experiment time.  I’m going to pray this verse every day and ask God to show me what grace looks like here.

Thoughts?  Input?  Anybody?