Don’t “miss out” on the dryer sheets tip

I want to write a blog post.  I’ve got some swirling around in my head right now, or at least I did earlier when I was afc (away from computer).  Right now I’m going to try and type without looking at the compyter.  Head is back, eyes clsed.  You see, my mind is working…tired, but working, but physically I’m tired.

What I really want to talk about is a verse from Esther chp\apter 4.   She realizes that God’s will for the Jews will be accomplished no matter if she acts or not.  If she chooses to say quiet, then her family won’t recieve the benefits…they’ll die, but God will still get his way in the end.

The personal application for that verse stops me in my tracks.  What opportunities am I missing to be part of something God is doing?  I do NOT want to miss out on what God is doing in, through and around me!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Oh, except a little helpful household hint from Heloise.  I never throw away used dryer sheets until I’ve used them to clean something else up first.   They’re very handy for a variety of things.  Not absorbant at all, but a teeny bit abrasive and good fro scrubbing.

There you go.  I can’t typr any more w/ my eyes closed.  It’s probably unreadable, and I have my contacs in, so if I keep my eyes shut much longer, they’re gonna be sticky.  i hate that.

rambling, rambligh. blah.

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  1. Heeheehee. 🙂

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