Where there’s a void…

“Where there’s a void, negativity will fill it.”  This is from a book called “The No Complaining Rule”.  awesome book, very quick read, practical, inspiring.  I definitely recommend it.  When I first heard that quote, I thought instantly about it in terms of communication.  When there’s a void (in communication), negativity will fill it.  Lots of practical applications there.  But another thought hit me today.

I”m feeling lost, out of balance, unsettled…negative…it’s tough to find the precise language to describe it. (Which reminds me of a really good book I just read called The Giver–more on that later…as in another day.)  Anyway, troubled, disconcerted, anxious…

I talk here and here about my opinions and feeling about Christmas and “the Holidays”.   I just really want to get down to the heart of the matter and weed out all the ridiculousness of the season.  The buying, the running around, etc., and all the stuff that makes me feel overwhelmed to the point where I can’t breathe anymore.

I announced I wasn’t shopping and buying stuff this year, but that all monies I would ordinarily spend would go to Charity: Water.  Initially, I felt really good about this decision, but then the little seeds of doubt began to grow…does this go for everyone?  what about traditions like Christmas morning presents for the kids?  Stockings?  does it bless others when you donate to a charity of your choice in their name?  Have a created a void?? and then allowed negativity to fill it?

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks (since Thanksgiving) not preparing for Christmas.  Oh, of course we threw up a tree, listened to some Christmas music, and started reading some of our favorite Christmas stories, but it’s odd.  weird.   like something is missing. When someone asked me today “Are you ready for Christmas?” (don’t we always ask each other that this time of year?), I didn’t know what to say.

So, if I am going to continue with a “Christmas gift void”, I’m going to have to have something substantial to fill it…not only the time, but the spirit.  the spirit of giving maybe…  wow, who knew someone could make Christmas rebellion so hard.

One response to this post.

  1. Your Christmas “rebellion” posts got my attention as I have never met another Christian-American with these same questions (overthought or not) who would dare take such a stand!!
    And to actually admit disliking Christmas music? how refreshing! ; )
    I’m loving the way you’re working through this and can’t wait to see how you resolve it…
    As for me personally, it’s a question of attitude in the face of conflicting ideals. Christmas hasn’t been about gifting (or family celerating) for several years now and as hard as some of those changes were it has been a blessing in disguise to really strip down to the truest meaning of the celebration. For me it all takes place in the heart. BUT I still struggle with my attitude and overthinking every aspect of mine and others’ beliefs and traditions. Every year I ask myself if my scrooginess comes from the position I was put in, cultural influence, or just a bad attitude…so confusing sometimes!!!
    Bottom line, I think it is just really hard to go in a different direction than EVERYONE around you…whether it’s by choice or not. It’s not pleasant when people assume my dislike for decorating reflects my heart….or that I don’t have Christmas joy because I have to forfeit or minimize some traditions.
    If only they knew…I may not be able to stand “Christmas music” but the true Christmas songs never leave me dry eyed. I’m sure you feel the same!
    Hate the season, love the reason…

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