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Lucky to be a Part of the Family

Apparently, I have little else to talk about lately expect the dog. Not true, really. But, I did want to post this pic of Lucky balancing a treat on her nose, waiting patiently for the “OK!” to pop it up and catch it. Yep, she’s awesome and full of surprises.

As an update from the previous post about her, the animal ophthalmologist said she had an ulcer on her cornea…and that these are very painful and slow healing. nice. way to make a dog owner feel TERRIBLE. Especially one that waited 3 or 4 weeks to see the dr…hoping the eye would just get better by itself. nice.

So, now we’re (and by we i mean I) approaching 3 weeks of putting drops and gels in that dogs eye. 3 different meds, 3 times a day. That’s 9 times/day. That will be 189 times we’ve (again “I”) put something in her eye in 3 weeks. 189! and the silly goose still comes to me when I call her. She’s either very loyal and obedient, or very stupid. Good news is the eye looks completely healed. We’ll still be going for a follow up visit and doing EXACTLY what the dr says for however long he says to do it, though.

And, of course, throw in a nasty, double ear infection, too, for good measure. That greasy ear medicine is worse than all that eye goop combined.

Now, I’m contemplating whether or not these detailed posts about my dog obligates me to talk in detail about my children. Maybe a post dedicated to each of them…nah. prob not. They are much more private than Lucky is. and sensitive.

Breaking the Fast

Finally, I can speak again.  Not that I couldn’t before, but I was pre-occupied.  Together with my coworkers at, I have been fasting–for 21 days.  Not a full fast where you eat nothing, but I ate NO sweets, breads, soda, coffee; basically I just ate fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts, eggs and a smattering of chicken and fish for 21 days.    Sort of a Daniel Fast, except I ate some meat.

If you don’t combine the fast with increased time in God’s word and in prayer, then it’s nothing more than a diet.  and while I’d love to lose 5 to 10 pounds, weight loss was not my motivation.  I could not have stuck it out, if it had been either.

The sacrifice is honoring to God.  It’s an act of obedience.  It can be a pathway to freedom.  It can be a way to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.  In short, it’s an act of worship.

When I started, I didn’t have a true understanding about what fasting is.  If I’m honest, my understanding has only increased a little bit.  I read a book about fasting, a lot of scripture about different people in the bible who fasted, and prayed about it a lot in an attempt to figure out what I was doing.

Clarity, wisdom, deeper understanding, discipline, peace, joy.  These are just a few of the things I gained, by giving up that “junk” for 3 weeks.  And the way I understand it, the blessings will continue even after I’m done.  I’m looking forward to a great Twenty Ten!  Answered prayers, greater wisdom and understanding, and an unwavering confidence in my Redeemer are mine, so sayth the Lord!

Now, I’m gonna go eat some chocolate.

TV or no TV?

Just curious.  Of course I have my opinion, you could expect no less from me, but I’ve never really talked with anyone about it to get other opinions.   So, I thought a brief poll was in order.