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Time to Use it or Lose it

Ever feel like time is slipping away from you?    The older you get, the faster time flies by.  I have not been as productive lately as I’d like to be.   In Stephen Covey’s time quadrant (below) I’ve spent a lot of time in Quad IV…social media, Olympics,  and just general piddling around.   The evidence of low productivity is in the lack of blog posts here at  Nothing going on upstairs to overflow out, if you know what I mean. 🙂

Ideally, the majority of time spent should be in Quad II.  Processing, planning, preparing, personal development,  prelationships (ok, that one doesn’t start w/ p, but I was on a roll).  In my defense, I have done a LOT of reading so far this year.  I’ve read 3 non fiction books, and am finishing up the 2nd fiction book, plus 39.5% of the bible (according to my reading plan).   All well and good, but, to be productive there has to be some output, right?  Time  spent thinking about what I’ve read, planning to apply it, and thoroughly processing it.

Wow, hopefully I have a LOT more years to live, because I’m awfully slow to figure all this stuff out.    One day, I aspire to be really really smart. and productive.  whatever that means…  Maybe by the time I’m 90 something, I’ll have it all together.