Wait…What Just Happened?!

I’m not really sure how it happened, but we’re going to Florida on a gen-u-ine family vacation this summer.  No family there…just going for fun.  and NO we’re not going to Walt Disney World–at least I don’t think so… and we won’t if I have anything to do about it!  But that’s kinda the problem here…

This self-confessed, card-carrying control freak just let 1/2 of the family plan a vacation…with very little input from me.  Oh, I was asked my opinion…and I think I supplied it (at least I know I said “Please not WDW”), but it was like a runaway train…once it got started, it was impossible to stop.   Cory said he wants to be surprised when we get there, which is really just his way of saying “I don’t care to be involved in the sometimes-excruciating decision making process”).  I decided to join him in that philosophy.

“Sometimes-excruciating” because SOMEONE has to research EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE option before they make a decision about where to stay.  and then you throw in the 2nd member of that “team”, Kevina, Jr., and she gets her heart set on the PERFECT spot and nothing else will do.  Truth be told, I’m very thankful for his “thoroughness” in research, and I’m  \thankful, too, that he mostly leaves me out of it.  I know he’ll find the very best place, for the very best price.  Weighing all the options, considering all the possibilities.  Good thing, too, because I do NOT have the patience for all that.

You see, Kevin has history in this particular place…in that he lived there for a few years…maybe 5ish?  I can’t remember. But apparently, Sarasota, Florida  is the 2nd happiest place on earth (after you know where 🙂 )  .  Actually, I’ve been there already, so I should know, right?  I wonder who took me there??  Oh wait, it was Kevin.  Of course.  🙂

No really, they do have gorgeous beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.  Very clean white sand.  Like sugar.  Very pretty.  If you Google “best beaches in US” Siesta Key, FL comes in 2nd–right behind a beach in Hawaii!!

But, the beach?  Really?  I’m 40…and soft and squishy all over.  *whimper, whimper* .  We leave in 15 weeks and 2 days.    Perhaps if I get busy and lose a pound and a half a week for the next 15 weeks, I’ll feel a little better about beaching it for several days–and possibly getting photographed while near the beach–in the sunshine.  Oh, dear.

and in case you were wondering, NO, we are not driving.  I just can’t. won’t. whatever.  So we’re flying!  First time in 12 years and the kids are pumped!!  Wow, I don’t know why we don’t just take a vacation to the airport–I think the kids would be just as excited about that…maybe not.

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  1. That’s so exciting! Are you going to stop by Donald’s on your way? Ha! I would LOVE to just sit back and have someone plan my vacation/life/career for me. Or just my vacation would be nice.

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