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Bible Reading Plan-The Essential 100

I just started a new bible reading plan and I’m very excited about it!   It’s called the Essential 100 Challenge and consists of 50 passages from the Old Testament and 50 passages from the New Testament to give you a complete overview of the bible–without having to read the WHOLE thing.  That excites me.  Sort of in the same way that peanut butter and chocolate combined in any way excites me.  Yeah, like I long for it.  I want it all at once and over and over again.  Like that. OK…moving on.

I’m trying to imagine what someone who doesn’t know me would think if they stumbled upon my blog posts.  or, for that matter, people who know me.

Anyway, it sounds really cool.  The Essential 100. {said in an announcer-type voice}–  Sort of like a daily vitamin.

And I like the idea of getting the big picture that this reading plan promises.  I’m a big picture kinda girl.  I’m always wanting to “zoom out” of a situation to put things into perspective.  It helps me deal.

Try it here.