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Things I want to do before Summer is Over

I’m making a list.  Everyday is important.  It’s Summer.  I love summer.  Which makes sense, I guess…I was born in summer.  So, here’s a list of things I want to do before summer is over this year.

  • Make homemade ice cream.  I say this every year but hardly ever do it.  Cameron says she doesn’t like it.  whatever, I’m making some.  It’ll probably have Reese’s cups in it…or Butterfinger.
  • Shakespeare in the Park.  I LOVE this.  We did it last year and the whole thing was dreamy.  The setting-Myriad Gardens, downtown OKC. The play–it was Hamlet. The company-just me and my hubby.  Romeo and Juliet starts in August and I already have my tickets bought!
  • Scrunch sand between my toes.–I’m not much for swimming in the ocean, but I love to look at it from the beach…or a boat.  Next week I’ll take care of this little item.
  • Take a boat on the Bricktown canal.  I never get tired of doing this.  and I don’t care if it is 500 degrees outside.
  • Eat enough blueberries to make my poop blue.  I have never been as crazy about blueberries as I have this summer.  I put some on my cereal one morning and it was like a party in my mouth!  oh. my.    Gradually, the cereal-to-blueberry ratio in my bowl has been tilting in favor of the berry.  I was kidding about the blue poop thing, btw.
  • Use the fire pit in our backyard about 100 more times.  Remember it?  We built it last year.  Here’s a refresher. It’s  waaaaaay cool. and I love it.  Feels like camping in the backyard with the sound of locusts in the trees…so relaxing and it just screams SUMMER!

That’s all I can think of right now.  Time’s a-wastin’!