What if?

in Genesis 22, God asks Abraham to take his only son Issac to a mountain and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. He obeys.  I love how this story is told with just the basic facts…very matter of fact.  When I read it, I imagine all of the emotions that must have been in play. Even when obedience is the obvious choice, there can still be questioning, turmoil, pain, and resistance. Abraham’s faith is unwavering in the story, but we’re left to imagine what is going on inside his head.

…and then there’s Issac. He obviously trusts his dad and was no doubt brought up to trust his God, but at the point where he is tied up and laid on the pile of wood, you would think he would have to be having his doubts. I can’t help but imagine crying, maybe screaming, perhaps a hint of panic in his eyes. (likely more than a hint!)
But if you know the story, it all works out in the end. God calls it off and provides a ram for sacrifice instead. He tells Abe that because of his faith, his descendants will be like the stars.  My question is “what if he had not obeyed”? what if he had said “No God, what you ask is too much. Remember the circumstance of Issacs birth? It’s too much. too hard.”
What has God asked you to do that you think is too hard? or too much?  What blessings might you be missing out on??  Decide today to obey…sacrificially if necessary.

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