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Beach vacation observations

Just a couple of observations from someone who is not a regular beach goer.  Call me a novice.  or a dabbler.  Yeah, I’m a beach dabbler.  I like that.

  • Getting sunburn on the first day of vacation is bad.  Continued sun exposure on sunburned skin is badder.
  • Not everyone is as concerned about their less than tight abs as I am.    I don’t know if this is good or not, but it certainly reveals that I care waaaaay toooo much about my the size of my thighs, or the squishy spot between my chest and my shoulder.    Apparently I think everyone is looking at and judging me.  Yeah, I’m not self-absorbed.  at all.
  • I’m usually all for the less-is-more philosophy as it applies to packaging, words, sun exposure, etc., but as far as clothing on the beach is concerned, less is NOT more.  Wow.  O_o
  • A little sand is too much sand.  I was seriously excited to get home to Oklahoma where there wasn’t sand in and on everything.  Although I feel quite exfoliated, I also felt quite gritty for 7 straight days.
  • There really isn’t much that’s more relaxing than laying on a towel on the beach under a shade umbrella with no where to be and nothing to do.  Nowhere.  Nothing.
  • It feels perfectly legitimate to eat ice cream or drink iced mint mocha’s everyday on vacation.  Not a darn thing wrong with that.
  • I love my family.    We’re perfect for each other.  🙂