Walk a Mile in our, um…Feet

This post is going to be told in pictures of feet.  Yep, pictures of feet.   Now let me say first off, that I do not have a foot fetish.  In fact, I neither love feet, nor hate them.    However, I did get a lovely pedicure before we left and so that might have fueled some of the foot photography desire.   Aaaaaannnd,  I have to admit, I was, no doubt, inspired by the beautiful cover of Salvaged, my new favorite book.

Did I mention here already that we went to the beach for vacation?  Oh, yeah, I think I did.  Here’s a brief run down of the highlights—or some of them anyway.

Clean, white sand.  Like sugar. and very very clean.  Apparently, the sand on Siesta Key is 99% quartz, giving it a white sugary appearance.  Anyway, it was gorgeous. Kevin walked and walked the beach–early mornings, evenings…  He could have stayed there all the time.

We rented kayaks one morning and went out for a 3 hour tour of Sarasota Bay and Turtle Beach.    It was our first time in kayaks (all of us) and other than being worn out, we did we really great!   We even drug two of the kayaks across Turtle Beach and into the Gulf and took turns paddling around in the waves.

These are Cory’s feet at Turtle Beach.  The sand here was darker than on Siesta Key beaches….more cinnamon sugary.  (and again sand sticks to everything wet)   There were a lot more shells on this beach than the other, too.

Here’s that pedicure I was a-talkin’ about.  I felt so pretty. 🙂

Here’s Cameron’s feet walking on the beach.  She also could have stayed there forever.  She was fascinated by all of it.  When I would watch her, sometimes she would just be scouring the beach with her eyes, looking for shells or other interesting things that came in from the ocean.  When she was in the water, she was looking down, often with her goggles on, no doubt searching for fish, shells, and who know what else. And then sometimes, she would be scanning the horizon, probably looking for signs of dolphins or manatees.   I would LOVE to hear what she’s thinking.    She’s so thoughtful and introspective (are those the same thing?).

One of the coolest things we did was parasailing.  It was extravagant and adventurous for us, but soooo worth it.  A boat took us from the bay out to the Gulf and we were “launched” from that boat, sailed 1000 ft over the water, and then brought back down on that boat.  We didn’t even get wet.  The view from up high was amazing.  You could see the whole island, plus animals in the water–we saw dolphins, shark, and stingray!   I don’t have any pictures of just feet in the air, but here’s a shot that Cameron took of Pebbles the dog standing on my feet on the boat back from the Gulf.  (Pebbles belonged to the boat driver)

What a summer it’s been and this was a great way to end it.   With our kids getting older, we’re feeling the need to savor every moment!!

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  1. Posted by Cindi on August 27, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    What a great family vacay, so glad you guys got to go and had such a great time!

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