Advent. The Advent Season. The Season of Advent.

Advent.  What is it?  Every time I hear that word I have to think about what it means exactly…something about expecting…anticipating.  ?  Preparing?  Something about Christmas and the days leading up to it.  There are calendars and wreaths you can buy or make.

This year I’m reading the Rediscovering Christmas reading plan on YouVersion (actually I’m reading it on my mobile device)  It includes reflection questions and action steps to center each day on Christ.  Which is awesome.

So what are you expecting from this season?  What are you preparing for?  The very first Christmas changed EVERYTHING.  Why does this Christmas have to be any different?    That’s what I’m expecting.

AND I watched the Advent Conspiracy video. Here is one of them (there are a few).  Be careful, it’ll mess you up.

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