Breaking the Food Chain Addiction

I love food.   While my daughter, Cameron, would say she eats to live, I am the opposite…I live to eat. I just love food.   Changing that mindset would be a monumental task, so instead, I just changed the TYPE of food I love to eat.  I now crave my homemade sweet potatoes, vegetable chili, and oatmeal with flax seed, quinoa, and blueberries.  YUM. (Recipes coming in the following days!)

In Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Made to Crave, she says that we CRAVE WHAT WE CONSUME.   Read that again and meditate on those words for a minute.  We CRAVE WHAT WE CONSUME.  (This impacts me on SO many levels–not just food!) It’s so true. Whatever we eat, is what we continue to crave.  I began “forcing” myself to eat beans (which I’ve NEVER liked), veggies (which I only tolerate), and my favorite dip substitute, hummus.  The more I ate these things, the more I wanted to eat them (I’m stopping just short of using the word “crave”–although sometimes I do crave a good baked sweet potato!)

It’s not an overnight change, that’s for sure…more of process that can take months.  But if you consider your LIFETIME of (hopefully) years, those few months would be months well spent to gain YEARS of feeling better, looking better, being healthier.

Forgo the immediate pleasure for the lasting gain.

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