The More You Know….the Better You Eat

Education has been a key ingredient in this delicious soup of health and fitness that I’ve been eating.  I read alot.  Ok, I read alot of Twitter, too.  and facebook.   From one of these 2 sources, I found Fooducate, an app for my phone that allows you to scan items and get a quick glimpse of its nutritional stats. After scanning in our favorite can-o-cinnamon rolls, I learned that they have a “healthy” portion of trans fats…I will NOT be buying these anymore, much to the disappointment of my family.  “Fine”, I told my kid, “if you want to eat them when you are buying your own food, go right ahead. I won’t be responsible for killing your heart with trans fats.”  I just can’t have that on my conscience.  Those crazy, tiny things have 2 grams of trans fats each!  and who eats just one?  The American Heart Association says that you should less than 2 grams/day…and even that’s too much.  Killer stuff.   and it’s hidden in some of my FAVORITE things!!  Nilla wafers, certain coffee creamers, toaster strudel.    UGH, it’s a travesty.  Really.  The FDA is not your friend and apparently doesn’t care if you die of heart disease at 45.

I follow EatThis, NotThat on Twitter and have had my eyes opened to a plethora of grocery store “secrets”, restaurant crimes, and must-eat lists for a flatter belly.  Wow, the more you know…the less you want to eat at all.  anywhere.  ever.  They also sell books and such.

Researching the way the body works has been game-changing, too.  For example, being aware of the strain I put on my pancreas when I eat a piece of fudge.   It’s just not fair to my pancreas…what did it ever do to me?  The pancreas spends quite a lot of its time regulating the sugar/insulin levels in your blood.  I have a very weak grasp on the process–just enough, though, to know that a gallon of sugar makes it work really hard. and I love my pancreas and want to show it some appreciation for all it’s done these 40+ years.

At any rate, education, in whatever form, is critical to making healthy choices.  Btw, corn chips do NOT count as a vegetable.

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  1. I love Eat This Not That and have some of the books. It really is an eye opener. I also like documentaries and have avoided pork since watching Food Inc. Ugh!

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