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The grocery store, aka Time to Fail

**Warning: This post contains lots of whining and self pity.  I really should NOT blog when I feel discouraged.  You never know what you are gonna say.  Can you relate, cuz?

I mostly hate going to the grocery store.  Not because I don’t like food, but because I shop for a family of four who have different tastes and opinions about every thing.   It seems impossible to make everyone happy at the same time.  Me…I’m the easiest to make happy.  I know exactly what I want.  Maybe I would have made a better single.

And just forget about staying on a budget.   Mostly I have to choose between having food in the house, or staying on a budget.  I always choose food.  It’s the easier choice, but probably not the wisest.

Even though I make a shopping list (I refuse to go without SOMETHING written down), I still can’t manage to cover all of the necessary food bases.  For example, I nail it in the “what’s for lunch” department, but fail royally in the breakfast category.   Or we have the makings  for one splendid dinner, but nothing else for the rest of the week.  Or, I make 1 or 2 family members happy, and the others have nothing they like.  Waa Waa, go buy your own groceries.

I know, I know, it’s probably all my fault for ever giving the kids options—I should have made them eat what’s in front of them or nothing.   However, that would NOT have worked with my incredibly picky husband’s limited palate–that one can’t be blamed on me.   And, not to brag, but I have an increasingly sophisticated palate.  **I’m laughing at myself here** I buy things like pesto, hummus, red bell peppers, and butternut squash…not to share with my family (because they don’t like any of that) but because I like it.  Me.  just me.   only me. Me. Me. Me.  How ridiculous do I sound right now?!

So for now, I take my headphones, hit shuffle on my Switchfoot playlist and throw things in the basket—hoping I come home with something edible for everyone.

Joy. off I go now.  Wish me luck.  and lunch.  and dinner.  and breakfast.