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Putting a face with a name

My friend and cousin (cousin/friend?) has a blog with a weekly post of snapshots of her kids, pets, etc. It’s nice to have a visual picture-especially for a person who is a visual learner like me. And…I just like pictures.

So, at the risk of becoming an over sharer (and a bit narcissistic), I’m gonna share pics today. Watch out though, it may be pretty random.

Today is my day off, but I got up early anyway. Nothing keeps me from the gym…not even a really bad hair day–and a vicious gray streak down the middle of my head. OH my….I can NOT believe I’m posting that picture, but I did leave the house like that, so I guess the whole www isn’t a big stretch.


Here’s a close up of my phone case. It’s so pretty.


Then when I got home I broke up a fight. Hutch and Sammie (Hutch currently has the upper hand in this shot) “play” like this ALL DAY. It’s enough to drive a person batty.


I took this kid to school because he’s currently grounded from his car.   That’s ok, though, I’m thankful for the extra time with him.  And he doesn’t look too upset about being grounded, does he?   Geez, I love that boy a lot.


I took my now homeschooled girl to the zoo so she could take some pictures.  We’ll call that photography class.  I only took one really bad picture of a giraffe and the rest of the pictures I took were of trees.  and Cameron.  and 2 dead animals–they were “food” in enclosures.  gross.  But anyway, I LOVE trees.


Here she is trying desperately to get the wolves to cooperate for their close up. Wolves are her favorite animals. She’s using the new telephoto lens she bought with her Christmas money.  I LOVE this girl.


We went to the zoo with Cameron’s friend, Abbey and her mom and brother.  They have been friends since they were 4.  I love these girls.  and Abbey just happens to be one of the girls that I mentor.  She’s just precious.


So, that’s it.  For today anyway.  I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.