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I wanna talk about running, but I don’t really know what to say.   I run.  I like it.  The solitude.  The freedom.  The movement. The sense of accomplishment.  The adrenaline that produces a sense of euphoria–like everything is right with the world.  It’s my alone time–my time to think, pray, or just clear my head.

I’m not fast, but I don’t care.  I have run in a few 5K races, but just to stay motivated.  I have no intention of ever winning–although if I could find a race of  mostly sedentary senior citizens, I might be able to best them. 😉

One 20 minute run burns approximately the same amount of calories as a serving of Twizzlers.  (Unfortunately,  I never eat just one “serving” of Twizzlers–one “bag” maybe…)

Here’s what I imagine I look like when I run~~

This is probably closer to the why I really look–haha!  jk. I don’t look like Homer Simpson.  At least I hope not.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t always love it.  Sometimes it’s hard and I have to force myself to start…or keep going.  It’s a mental game.   “to the end of the block”…”five more minutes”….”I said I was running 3 miles, so I HAVE to run 3 miles”…etc.  But I have seen the rewards–the weight loss, the muscle tone, the increased energy, so I KNOW it is worth it.  I KNOW it without a doubt in my mind, so I push forward.  I will never quit.  Never!