Fitness motivation–I’ve got it!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

I saw this on pinterest….I joined just for the fitness motivation, but have gotten sucked in beyond that.  But, I do LOVE the “fitness motivation” page.   It has these little sayings–often paired with motivating pictures…like a woman with really flat abs, or a toned back…you get the idea–and it took me a while to realize these are linked to articles about how to look like that.  I also found some great recipes for healthy alternatives like Chocolate Protein Muffins!  I tried these and they are delicious!

“This is not magic.  It’s science.  You get out what you put in”

Amen to that!

But my current favorite…haha!

“The best ab workout is walking; walking away from the kitchen.

I googled “estimate body fat %age” and found that my body fat is “acceptable”, but oh so close to “fitness”!  I know I have ab muscles, but they are still hidden under a little chub.  Dang it, I want to SEE them!!

I need to:  “Find my comfort zone, then leave it!”   and again remember… “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”!!

Only 2 more days on the “Lose 1 size in 2 weeks” program.    I know you can’t wait to hear the results!!


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  1. So excited to hear if you lost one size, not that you need to, but hopefully it works!

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