Working Out with Intention

To avoid getting bored when I work out, I’m always looking for something new to do and I like to have some specific plan or program to follow. There  is no random, willy-nilly-ness to my exercise routine.  I told you a little about that last year, here…wait, 2 years ago…wow, time flies.   For example, since we are attending the midnight Hunger Games premiere this week, today we (me and my workout buds–all teenaged girls, btw!) started a “Hunger Games Inspired” workout.   It was really tough, and now I’m pretty sure if I was thrown into an arena with people who wanted to kill me I wouldn’t be the first to go, so that’s a relief.

2 weeks ago I found  “Lose a size in 2 weeks” plan and dove right in.  It was tough–6 day/week cardio and alternating strength workouts.  The results are in as of this morning and I have lost ***drumroll please*** 1 pound!  1.  One.  Yep…1.   Now, I know that the pounds on the scale are NOT the end all when we are talking about getting fit….”muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah”.  I measure myself regularly too, and I did lose almost a whole inch in my hips, so that’s good….nothing anywhere else, except maybe my fingers—my wedding ring is annoyingly loose now.

Next week, I’m sure I’ll be on to something new–I already have some ideas in mind.  More and more I’m believing that “exercise” has become a lifestyle habit, and not just something I do for a little while like in the past.  But, I’m always on guard for the waning interest that has been the norm in the past…

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