Exploring Oklahoma, episode 3

Last year, we missed our annual Spring Break Exploring Oklahoma trip. 😦  But not this year…it’s just taking me a couple months to get the post up!  The first year we went to Woodward in the NW part of the state, then Davis in the mid-south part of the state.  So this year we headed SW to the Lawton area…Medicine Park to be exact.  The oldest cobblestone community in Oklahoma.  Pretty touristy and most of it was closed up for the season, but it was quiet and pretty, with lots to see nearby.


One of the high points (quite literally) was the scary, windy (as in super curvy)  drive up Mount Scott.  Not the highest point in Oklahoma, but part of the Wichita Mountains and very scenic.


The Parallel Forest isn’t actually on a map like I thought it would be.  Someone told me that it should be on our list of “must-see’s” when we visit that area, and given my love for trees, it was an obvious add to the schedule.  It proved a little more difficult to find than we expected, but we found it, and we were NOT disappointed.  The trees were planted (all 6 feet apart) in the early 1900’s  to provide fence posts for a project which was later scrapped.


If you google it, you’ll find that most of the info about the Parallel Forest comes from sites about the “hauntings” in the area.  Surprisingly, we found no such evidence.   Although, we might have seen Bigfoot.

These lovely ladies enjoyed a long hike and some rock climbing and picture taking.


Cameron could’ve stayed ALL day.   Shoes off, climbing all over the rocks, cool grass, beautiful little stream.  She took tons of pictures.


Meer’s Restaurant was another suggestion from a friend.  Best burger in Oklahoma is what they say.  and it WAS good.   Really good.  It’s actually made from longhorn meat. (sorry Texas fans!)  The service was, ummm….not as good as the food.  It was as if they KNEW people would come because they had something special, so they didn’t have to be nice.  Eh, they are probably right.  It was darn yummy.


Spring Break was a rainy week this year.   I took this picture from the car as we were driving back into Edmond.


Despite the cooler temps and some soggy weather, it was a really good getaway!  Check that off of our list of “must-see’s” in Oklahoma!

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  1. I would love directions to the Parallel Forest for when we’re there over Memorial Day. It looks beautiful!

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