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Day 21-Update Whole30

It;s been almost a week since I updated my Whole30 status.  A really long week, I might add.  At some point this week I thought this 30 days might never end.   I’m surrounded by tempting food. Oh. My. Word. we have a lot of food where I work.  Endless supplies of candy and snacks and soda at my disposal.  It’s crazy.   And there’s even some peanut butter cup cookies in my kitchen right now that I made for the kids when we decorated the Christmas tree.  They are mocking me.

And to add insult to injury, I was horribly constipated yesterday.  Horribly.  Which is probably more likely related to PMS than the Whole30.   (Sorry, too much info?!?)  Yeah….sorry.  It happens. Wish I could say sh*! happens, but alas, it was NOT happening.

I’m still going strong though.  No slip-ups at all.   I did dream about cheddar cheese Pringles, tacos, and Braums’ orange sherbet freezes.  Dream food doesn’t count though.  Good grief I must have a really strange relationship with food.  I can’t escape the food dreams.

I have had some really good food though.   I made more tacos with lettuce “shells” and ground turkey this time and I have perfected the pork chop.  I made egg salad today with half an avocado instead of mayo.  It was…interesting…but I was getting tired of everything else I’d been eating for breakfast so I tried something new–yes, for breakfast.   I really need to go to the market for more supplies.

Still no breakouts.  Neck pain is showing marked improvement, too!   Energy level is pretty good despite working really long hours this week. (decorating the church where I work for Christmas is LOTS of work!!)

Day 15 – The Whole30

HALFWAY THERE!   and I made it through Thanksgiving!  2 big wins!

No more interesting food dreams to report.  Are you as disappointed by that news as me?  I was really wanting to eat a Hostess chocolate a dream of course.  Maybe there is still a chance.  It would be just as moist and delicious eaten in my imagination. mmmmm….



….ok….I’m done.

Anyway, Thanksgiving was really not as hard as I thought it might be.   I still enjoyed turkey, delicious sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower, and green beans.  My plate was full, my belly was full.  I was satisfied.  and I only looked longingly at the Rice Krispie treat once or twice.    It was all so good in fact, I ate the exact same plateful of turkey and veggies today for lunch…and dinner.

Still no breakouts, in fact my face looks good and feels good.  I’ve been using the coconut oil to cook with and I also put it right on my face.   so soft. Energy levels pretty good.   Neck pain still there–maybe slightly better today, but I can’t be sure.

I don’t have a photo of the Thanksgiving meal, but I had these tacos the day before.   with more fried plantains.   Yum!

Day 10 – Whole30

More weird food dreams last night.  In my dream, I had a spoonful of shredded wheat IN MY MOUTH before I realized “I CAN’T EAT THIS!!!!”  My mouth was so dry, though, I couldn’t spit it out! I had my hands in my mouth (in the dream) trying to scrape the chewed up cereal out with my fingers–I was panicked!  Geesh, I’m ready for these crazy dreams to stop.

Other than that, Day 10 was good.  Cravings, mild. Energy level, good–strong workout at the gym.  No nap required.  No breakouts.  Neck pain…no change.

I made fried plantains for dinner for the first time and served them with shredded chicken and rotel…very yummy.   Sorry the picture isn’t very good–the camera on my phone is on the fritz.

Day 9 – The Whole30

I really didn’t intend to post about this every day (or nearly everyday) but today has been rough.   It’s Sunday, the day of the week that I work all day.  ALL DAY.  8 in the morning till 8 at night…with an hour or so break in there.   Long day and especially hard to eat only what I am supposed to.   Donut holes and cookies are everywhere.

I’m hungry.   and craving stuff.   more weird food dreams last night….margaritas this time. and Mexican food.  The only thing that keeps me from eating what I shouldn’t is the idea that healing MAY be going on inside my body and I don’t want to screw that up and have to start all over.   That’s how bad I want healing.  So, I’m counting the days until I am 1/3 of the way through…and choking down steak and vegetables for dinner.  :@

Neck pain remains unchanged.  Still no break outs.  My mind feels sticky and foggy today. So sleepy. and I want a margarita.  maybe 2.  or 3.  I need that emoticon with the x’s for eyes…that’s how I feel right now.

Day 7 and 8 – Whole30

The end of week 1 of my Whole30 was quite memorable.   I woke up feeling sooooooooooo tired and achy.  I drug myself to meet my friend at the gym where I pretended to exercise, came home, fell into bed with my gym clothes still on and slept.  Unfortunately, I had to get up to go to the chiropractor and I did want to spend some time with my sweet girl, so I took her to breakfast.  She ate chicken mini’s and a cinnamon roll from Chick Fil A while I drank water.  Yum.  and then we went to the zoo and walked around for an hour.  Exhausted.

Back home, back in bed. The rest of day, I slept, or just laid around, and moaned. Come to find out, I had a fever, too….hmmmm….Whole30 related?  or just a bug maybe?   I don’t know, but I’m glad that’s over.

After 12 hours of sleep (and some really weird food dreams!) I woke up feeling much better.   Today I wasn’t tired at all, ate well, and even had enough energy to unload boxes from a moving truck and carry them up to a 3rd floor apartment–for an hour!!  Ok, to be honest, that wore me out.  But I bounced back, went to work…survived.

No nap!  No break outs!  Neck pain remains the same though.   Here’s a pic of lunch.  Nope, still not sacrificing. 😉

Day 6-The Whole30

Six days in and I’m ready to be done. Well, yesterday I was READY, but today I’m feeling a little better.  Days 2 and 3 included adorable “detoxing” headaches and flu-like aches. I just wanted to crawl into bed and moan a little.  Weird dreams about ordering cheeseburgers (not eating them, just ordering unfortunately) plagued night 3. Day 4 I was feeling pretty good.  But, yesterday, Day 5 was hard.  Now granted, I was at work and surrounded by chips, cookies, and pizza, but I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight. Not because I felt hungry in the slightest, but I just wanted COOKIES.

If you don’t know much about the Whole30, you can read about it here.  Basically, it is just eating really, really clean for 30 days to “reset” your system.  Meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables for 30 days.  How hard can that be?  Here’s what I ate for dinner on Day 4.  Delicious. Not feeling deprived with all that on my plate!!Image

To be fair, I ate pretty “clean” all last week except Friday night (wow!) so when I started The Whole 30 on Saturday I was already in pretty good shape.   I really am wishing I had just went all in last week…I’d be 1/2 way there by now!

I am continuing to go to the gym 6 days a week (just finished 8 weeks in a row of that!) and my energy level seems to be more than adequate to do my 1/2 hour cardio and 15 minutes of weights.

Since you are not supposed to weigh yourself while doing The Whole30 (to reiterate the fact that it’s NOT about weight loss), I can’t report any numbers but I can already see and feel a difference, especially in my middle–that’s a trouble spot 😉

One more day and a half and I’ll be 1/4 of the way done! Yeah!

Food = Life

If we didn’t eat, we’d die.  Right?  So what should we eat to really LIVE? (deep thoughts, I know) I started 2012 here talking about eating “clean”.  Making my own soup, grating my own cheese, reading lots of labels.  Replacing bad eating habits with better ones…having a lot fewer Twizzler binges. Well, this month, I’m kicking it up a notch.

I heard about the Whole 30 a while back on fb and was intrigued.   I love a good challenge and was interested in the science-y part of the plan.   I bought and read, It Starts with Food.  Highly recommended reading, btw.  The idea is that you cut all dairy, all legumes (including peanuts and soy!), all added sweeteners(including “natural” and artificial), and all grains for 30 days.  No cheats, no slip-ups.   This allows your body time to detox and heal from inflammation and other “side-effects” of eating potentially inflammatory foods.   Then, after 30 days (or more if necessary),  you begin to gradually reintroduce those foods one group at a time and observe their effects on YOU.

I’m on Day 5 and fully intend to use this blog as a journal.   Here’s a list of what I’d like to see come out of the next 30 days…in order of importance.

  • neck pain-I wanna finally be pain free, inflammation free
  • acne–I’d like to stop taking daily medication to keep my adult cystic acne under control-blech!
  • clearer head-Sometimes my brain feels fuzzy…or cloudy–I want to be sharp, clear
  • better memory–I’d like to remember stuff all by myself
  • fatigue–I love a nap…too much
  • gray hair–I know this one is a pipe dream, but I’d love for my hair to stop coming in gray, I’m too young for gray hair!

That’s all.  Kind of a tall order, but I have high hopes.   More to come…  Woo Hoo!!

Joyful in HOPE

The great thing about the passage of time is that it allows opportunity for introspective thought. And the bad thing about the passage of time is that it allows opportunity for introspective thought.

As I process through the big event of the past 6 months-my 18 yr old son moving out-I am on a roller coaster of emotions and opinions. This may very well be the most unstable I’ve ever felt.  It’s harder than I ever thought it would be.  Maybe, if it had happened “correctly”, graduation, off to college, etc., it would be easier, but it did NOT go according to what I had always expected.  and that’s the hardest part.

Some days I’m excited about the journey that he’s on…filled with hope and optimism. Then the very next day, I’m wrapped in a blanket of despair, certain that everything he is doing “wrong” is all my fault.  *side note–Just because he’s not doing things my way, doesn’t mean he’s wrong…I realize that–really I do.  Really.

In the meantime, I WILLBe joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.Romans 12:12

Live in the Moment

Darn, Netflix.  You steal so much time.   But I love watching tv shows–back to back episodes with no commercials.  Season after season, without waiting for months to pass.

I recently watched  a series I had never heard of before called Life. Based on my enjoyment of crime dramas, Netflix recommended it, and they were right…I liked it.

The main character was a detective who was released from prison after being wrongfully convicted and serving 12 years.  He had to constantly be reminded to stay present in the moment. His mind would wander…

How often does that happen to me?  A LOT.  In addition, I know I’m not the only one who whips out my iPhone when I see a beautiful sunset or other picture worthy scene.   My effort to capture the moment for future enjoyment, prevents me from living fully in the moment NOW.

So, I’m trying to be more intentional about taking time to just live in the now…to pause and enjoy today.  Which would probably involve less Netflix watching.  *insert eye roll here*