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Live in the Moment

Darn, Netflix.  You steal so much time.   But I love watching tv shows–back to back episodes with no commercials.  Season after season, without waiting for months to pass.

I recently watched  a series I had never heard of before called Life. Based on my enjoyment of crime dramas, Netflix recommended it, and they were right…I liked it.

The main character was a detective who was released from prison after being wrongfully convicted and serving 12 years.  He had to constantly be reminded to stay present in the moment. His mind would wander…

How often does that happen to me?  A LOT.  In addition, I know I’m not the only one who whips out my iPhone when I see a beautiful sunset or other picture worthy scene.   My effort to capture the moment for future enjoyment, prevents me from living fully in the moment NOW.

So, I’m trying to be more intentional about taking time to just live in the now…to pause and enjoy today.  Which would probably involve less Netflix watching.  *insert eye roll here*