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Food = Life

If we didn’t eat, we’d die.  Right?  So what should we eat to really LIVE? (deep thoughts, I know) I started 2012 here talking about eating “clean”.  Making my own soup, grating my own cheese, reading lots of labels.  Replacing bad eating habits with better ones…having a lot fewer Twizzler binges. Well, this month, I’m kicking it up a notch.

I heard about the Whole 30 a while back on fb and was intrigued.   I love a good challenge and was interested in the science-y part of the plan.   I bought and read, It Starts with Food.  Highly recommended reading, btw.  The idea is that you cut all dairy, all legumes (including peanuts and soy!), all added sweeteners(including “natural” and artificial), and all grains for 30 days.  No cheats, no slip-ups.   This allows your body time to detox and heal from inflammation and other “side-effects” of eating potentially inflammatory foods.   Then, after 30 days (or more if necessary),  you begin to gradually reintroduce those foods one group at a time and observe their effects on YOU.

I’m on Day 5 and fully intend to use this blog as a journal.   Here’s a list of what I’d like to see come out of the next 30 days…in order of importance.

  • neck pain-I wanna finally be pain free, inflammation free
  • acne–I’d like to stop taking daily medication to keep my adult cystic acne under control-blech!
  • clearer head-Sometimes my brain feels fuzzy…or cloudy–I want to be sharp, clear
  • better memory–I’d like to remember stuff all by myself
  • fatigue–I love a nap…too much
  • gray hair–I know this one is a pipe dream, but I’d love for my hair to stop coming in gray, I’m too young for gray hair!

That’s all.  Kind of a tall order, but I have high hopes.   More to come…  Woo Hoo!!