Day 7 and 8 – Whole30

The end of week 1 of my Whole30 was quite memorable.   I woke up feeling sooooooooooo tired and achy.  I drug myself to meet my friend at the gym where I pretended to exercise, came home, fell into bed with my gym clothes still on and slept.  Unfortunately, I had to get up to go to the chiropractor and I did want to spend some time with my sweet girl, so I took her to breakfast.  She ate chicken mini’s and a cinnamon roll from Chick Fil A while I drank water.  Yum.  and then we went to the zoo and walked around for an hour.  Exhausted.

Back home, back in bed. The rest of day, I slept, or just laid around, and moaned. Come to find out, I had a fever, too….hmmmm….Whole30 related?  or just a bug maybe?   I don’t know, but I’m glad that’s over.

After 12 hours of sleep (and some really weird food dreams!) I woke up feeling much better.   Today I wasn’t tired at all, ate well, and even had enough energy to unload boxes from a moving truck and carry them up to a 3rd floor apartment–for an hour!!  Ok, to be honest, that wore me out.  But I bounced back, went to work…survived.

No nap!  No break outs!  Neck pain remains the same though.   Here’s a pic of lunch.  Nope, still not sacrificing. 😉

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