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Day 10 – Whole30

More weird food dreams last night.  In my dream, I had a spoonful of shredded wheat IN MY MOUTH before I realized “I CAN’T EAT THIS!!!!”  My mouth was so dry, though, I couldn’t spit it out! I had my hands in my mouth (in the dream) trying to scrape the chewed up cereal out with my fingers–I was panicked!  Geesh, I’m ready for these crazy dreams to stop.

Other than that, Day 10 was good.  Cravings, mild. Energy level, good–strong workout at the gym.  No nap required.  No breakouts.  Neck pain…no change.

I made fried plantains for dinner for the first time and served them with shredded chicken and rotel…very yummy.   Sorry the picture isn’t very good–the camera on my phone is on the fritz.