Day 21-Update Whole30

It;s been almost a week since I updated my Whole30 status.  A really long week, I might add.  At some point this week I thought this 30 days might never end.   I’m surrounded by tempting food. Oh. My. Word. we have a lot of food where I work.  Endless supplies of candy and snacks and soda at my disposal.  It’s crazy.   And there’s even some peanut butter cup cookies in my kitchen right now that I made for the kids when we decorated the Christmas tree.  They are mocking me.

And to add insult to injury, I was horribly constipated yesterday.  Horribly.  Which is probably more likely related to PMS than the Whole30.   (Sorry, too much info?!?)  Yeah….sorry.  It happens. Wish I could say sh*! happens, but alas, it was NOT happening.

I’m still going strong though.  No slip-ups at all.   I did dream about cheddar cheese Pringles, tacos, and Braums’ orange sherbet freezes.  Dream food doesn’t count though.  Good grief I must have a really strange relationship with food.  I can’t escape the food dreams.

I have had some really good food though.   I made more tacos with lettuce “shells” and ground turkey this time and I have perfected the pork chop.  I made egg salad today with half an avocado instead of mayo.  It was…interesting…but I was getting tired of everything else I’d been eating for breakfast so I tried something new–yes, for breakfast.   I really need to go to the market for more supplies.

Still no breakouts.  Neck pain is showing marked improvement, too!   Energy level is pretty good despite working really long hours this week. (decorating the church where I work for Christmas is LOTS of work!!)

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  1. When you said you made peanut butter cup cookies, I had to look twice because I thought you said you made peanut butter cups like Aunt Lahoma used to make. Then it was a let down. On another note, I’m so proud of you for following through on this. I wish you lived close and could be my personal trainer. Also, do you think you could make some peanut butter cups?

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