Day 23 – Whole30

Today was grocery day.  We recently got a Sprouts in our town and Kevin loves to go with me while I load my cart with fresh vegetables, fruit and MEAT.   I noticed today that it is easier to decide what to fix for meals…and I don’t worry about NOT eating the fresh things that I bought.

Usually, when I would buy fresh veggies (with good intentions!) I would stick them in the crisper and forget about them until they went bad.   In fact, the first couple of times I went Whole30 shopping, I made a list on paper of all the things I had bought so I wouldn’t forget to use them!  Today my crisper is packed and overflowing onto other shelves and I am not worried about using it ALL!

I used some leftover chicken breasts and a package of broccoli slaw to make this Chicken Pad Thai to eat during the football game. (GO SOONERS!)

Chkn Pad Thai

Still feeling really good.   Face still looks clear and bright.  Neck pain is still a little better.  Sleeping soundly. Clear headed.   I’m kinda liking this new healthier, skinnier me.


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  1. Hey, I have a couple of similar photos in one of my posts – if you’re interested, you can check here for “Three Faces of Brocky Lee”:

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