Day 24 – Whole30

I hate to discourage anyone that is even considering doing a Whole 30 for health reasons, but in the interest of full disclosure, I must report progress the last couple of days. Now, granted, I started my period yesterday, so much of the unpleasantness of the last couple of days could be blamed on that.

Anyway, neck pain yesterday was bad…better today, but yesterday at work all day, badness.   Small, but not insignificant breakout ensuing on chin.  Again, could be blamed on the cycle, but <insert sad face> nevertheless.   Sleeping ok, but having a little trouble bouncing out of bed for those 6am workouts. And I’m sad to report that my hair is still growing in gray…I knew that was a ridiculous dream. 🙂

Just for journaling purposes, I had a burger patty yesterday made with fancy grass fed beef.  It was an indulgence because the meat was considerably more expensive than ordinary grain fed cow beef.   Eh…it wasn’t anything grand.  Kinda dry, I guess because it was so lean.   Then today I tried to make my own breakfast sausage as we were having breakfast for dinner.   Blah…not great at all.  In fact, we’ll go ahead and put that in the “Fail” column.

Here’s what I had for a snack after I got home from a full day and evening of work…steamed vegetables.  yum. That’s what every woman enjoys after a long tiring day of work-so NOT a comfort food.  However, I did follow this bowl with a bowl of kiwi, strawberries, and grapes (not pictured)…that was MUCH more enjoyable.

steamed vegs

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